Can two adjacent angle be supplementary answer yes and no Can two adjacent angle be supplementary answer yes and no Books. (This is the parallelogram law.) Given m 1 = 45° and m 2=135° determine if the two angles are supplementary. Axioms of Chapter 6. Answers: 2. But I could also say if we had some angle here that we said three and let's say 3 was … Select Yes or No for A–C. According to the theorem, they are supplementary, meaning that their angles add up to 180 degrees. Yes or No C. Is this triangle congruent to a right angle? However, supplementary angles do not have to be on the same line, and can be separated in space. 5 years ago. For two angles, 2 ∠PAB = 2 ∠ABQ [multiplying both sides by 2] Also, AOB is a straight line. Log in Sign up. It is also a parallelogram, since it has two pairs of parallel sides. Answers: 2 Show answers Another question on Mathematics. NCERT RD Sharma Cengage … May 14, 2018 . In a triangle, there is at most one obtuse or one right angle. Anonymous. Not true because supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees and two acute angles would be less than 180 degrees. The angle measure ranges from 90° to 180°. What is the measure of each angle? A.Does the third angle measure 62°? With this angle, you can never go wrong. From B draw a line BD at any angle other than a right angle. Will Los Angeles Lakers win? A rectangle has two pairs of opposite sides parallel, and four right angles. saylormichelle. If no, explain. Adjacent angles can be supplementary in two different ways: on a line and in quadrilaterals. Ray BE is the angle bisector of

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