Meaning: One Piece has been sailing around the Grand Line for some time, and its entry into Wano was a much-awaited moment. X-Drake adalah salah satu karakter Supernova di One Piece. While his true allegiance was not exposed, his actions were enough to make him an enemy of the Beasts Pirates. While there, he noticed two other pirates, Urouge and Killer, fighting each other. ↑ 6,0 et 6,1 One Piece SBS - … He also has a black headband with an eye-hole that is slanted so it only goes over his left eye. He has brown hair with muttonchop sideburns. [1] He and his men were initially chasing their ship, the Going Merry, until a storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Dory (ドリィ, Dorii?, English version: Drie)[6] Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] [1], After a long voyage following one of the Log Pose routes of the Grand Line, Drake and his crew came to the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare themselves for the New World. On the rest of his body he wears leather pants and a leather shirt. Affiliations: When seen from above, his bicorne greatly resembles the head of a Pterodactyl. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. X[16] [25] His considerable knowledge may have contributed to his enormous bounty. [4], The next day, Drake and Hawkins led a group to raid a bathhouse and look for people with the Kozuki Family's crescent moon symbol on their ankles. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. X-Drake is one of the newest additions to the Tobi Roppo who joined their ranks sometime during the two-year time-skip. [44] After Sanji and his group escaped the bathhouse, Drake and Hawkins continued with their patrol in the capital. Sempat dikabarkan tergabung dengan Beast pirates di Dunia Baru, identitas asli X-Drake pun terkuak. Nevertheless, he will keep denying this weakness even if it's obviously the case. [24], Barrels was Drake's father, and when he was a Marine Officer, Drake wanted to become just like him. After defeating Caribou, Drake then dragged him away. He had a rounder face, shorter hair, and a wooden sword at his side. Furthermore, he tends to have his eyes covered in the dark by his cap no matter what angle his face is showing at. While written as is, the X in his name is meant to be read as diez (as "X" is the Roman numeral for "ten"), which means "ten" in Spanish, and can also be used as a surname. He dons a closed dark, collared, tight-fitting jacket (around which he bears a bullet belt) which, around the bottom, is fastened by a buckle; around his left arm, Drake wears a band with the mark of his guild. You cannot compare them with one-piece toilets from the same brand when it comes to ease of cleaning. Who's-Who asked Drake to join him in killing Queen. He leads the White Fang Pirates as captain, he and his crew's fame and influence are near that of the Yonkou whom he has fought time to time in past skirmishes. Drake was first seen chasing the Straw Hats in the fourth One Piece movie. He then told Zoro to go to the roof while he stayed to guard Chopper so he could mass-produce the antidote.[60]. [19], Currently, Drake displays a stern, dead-serious disposition at all times. Occupations: One Piece (33) Include Characters X Drake (32) Reader (20) Eustass Kid (13) Roronoa Zoro (10) Portgas D. Ace (9) Trafalgar D. Water Law (9) Killer (One Piece) (8) Sabo (One Piece) (8) Monkey D. Luffy (7) Donquixote Doflamingo (7) Include Relationships X Drake/Reader (33) Eustass Kid/Reader (12) Trafalgar D. Water Law/Reader (11) When Buggy ended up exposing himself after snatching the treasure, Drake and his crew chased after the Warlord. [49] After Hawkins captured Law, Drake told Hawkins to get on with the interrogation. Drake completes his attire by wearing a dark headband, which is also emblazoned with the mark of his guild. Drake displays a stern, dead-serious disposition at all times. Read Silence X Drake x Reader from the story One Piece by LitttleMissOreo (Erica Pugh) with 1,112 reads. The character statue model is naturally smooth from the overall angle to the detailed lines. [26], Drake was born to Diez Barrels and an unknown woman. Things have been popping off … Drake and his crew successfully made it into the New World. Drake is a tall, lean, and muscular man who wears what appears to be a combination of a white-plumed cocked hat with his crew's Jolly Roger on the side and a mask over his eyes. Based on the concept of "experiencing a real ONE PIECE battlefield," buildings will come crashing down during the action and attacks will throw up smoke and dust, placing you in the thick of the ONE PIECE … ". Manga post-timeskip One-piece and two-piece toilets share many things in common. Straw Hat Pirates: Unlocked through Story Progression Pirate 1: Whitebeard. )[1] When Drake realized that the one who did this was Douglas Bullet, he was quite surprised. The crew's Jolly Roger is a depiction of a decorative european-styled symbol, as opposed to the traditional skull jolly roger, with two fencing swords replacing the usual crossbones. Scotch told Drake that the island is a favorite of the Emperor and is under his control. [2] Despite holding a high position in the Beasts Pirates, Drake self-admittedly has no interest in raising further in the ranks, unlike some of his fellow Tobiroppo. Age: His birthday (October 24th) is a date of the beginning of the. Dragon, Allosaurus [18], As a young man thirteen years ago, Drake appeared to be the reluctant, submissive type, obeying his father despite the abusive treatment he was given. [48] After Sanji handed Toko to Usopp, Drake slammed Sanji into the ground with his tail when the chef tried to strike back. Type: [5] He captured him and sent him to the command center where Jonathan interrogated him since Usopp claim he was a Marine and not a pirate. Coincidentally, he shares his birthday with the music artist. As he was pursuing them, Drake received a call from headquarters. Japanese VA: Knowing that Whitebeard would definitely retaliate, Drake figured that the Marines would definitely need all the manpower they could get for the battle that would come hence the shortage of Marines in the mangrove. [9] He could block simultaneous blows from Urouge and Killer, fellow members of the Worst Generation, with little effort[1] and according to Hitetsu, Drake single-handedly defeated the five samurais who guarded Amigasa Village. [8], After Caribou (who was posing as Gaburu) defeated Scotch and destroyed a factory on the same winter island under Kaido's control, Drake (in dinosaur form) appeared and attacked him, his crew, and Gaburu's revolutionaries while they were celebrating. Proving his loyalty, Drake squashed a rebellion led by Caribou (who was posing as Gaburu) on an island affiliated with the Emperor and destroyed Amigasa Village, defeating the five samurai who protected the community. [19], They appear to have a trusted professional relationship due to Koby being one of the few people who is aware that Drake's return to piracy was a ruse and he is still affiliated with the Marines as a commanding officer of the SWORD unit. During the Fire Festival, Queen and Who's-Who wanted to kill him after learning that he was the one who helped free Law from prison. [4] This professionalism and dutifulness also extend to his job as a Marine spy, reporting everything of note that he ends up witnessing in his cover. ↑ One Piece SBS - SBS Tome 64 - L'anniversaire d'X. Eiji Takemoto From that point on, they became enemies. [58] Drake continued clashing with Apoo until Zoro struck down the latter and grabbed the antidote vial. He was told that a number of pirates were gathering around his current location in order to hold the Dead End Race. Because of his status as a mole, Drake was seemingly interested in the possibility of Hawkins defecting from the Beasts Pirates due to his forced recruitment by Kaido, but the Magician shot down the idea. [19], Prior to the timeskip, Drake seemed to be interested in meeting Kaido, having willingly provoked his subordinates in the New World in order to gain the Emperor's attention. 233 cm (7'7½") (debut, after timeskip)[10][15] Statistics [6] In the present, Drake does not seem to regret this decision, not holding a grudge towards the perpetrators of his father's death. Drake's hobbies are being a reptile maniac and studying astrophysics. For One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to get Gold coin for Drake, Diamante/Pica/Burgess and Jack? X. Drake Marine Lieutenant Commander [24], Drake has immense strength, being considered the strongest member of the Barrels Pirates during his youth,[32] and was strong enough to become a Rear Admiral of the Marines prior to his defection. The "X's", as well as that in his name, represents the Roman Numeral X for 10, not the English letter. For One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "X Drake will be playable? Thirteen years ago, Drake fled the Barrel Pirates and was saved by the Marines. Anime pre-timeskip This puzzled Drake a bit since Sabaody was right next to the Marine Headquarters. Drake's name was taken from 16th-century English adventurer and privateer. [27], When he was a member of the Barrels Pirates thirteen years ago, it was said he was the strongest member of the crew. For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686 International: 001-770-282-8686 [26] After Caribou received a meat pie from Gaburu's grandmother, Drake took Caribou away on his ship. If we […] [4], In spite of his generally serious attitude, Drake is known to sometimes lose his composure in certain situations. [1], However, when a situation calls for violence, Drake reveals a surprisingly ruthless and bloodthirsty streak. [6][18], In Drake's endeavor as an undercover spy, he and his crew became subordinate to the Beasts Pirates, led by Kaido of the Four Emperors, over the two-year timeskip. [25], In secret, he is still a member of the Marines, serving as the captain of the special forces unit SWORD. Kaido's strongest subordinate and one of his three right-hand men, King is a very powerful character whose Devil Fruit… The exquisite design carving is worthy of personal collection and home decoration. ". [1] Later, Drake fearlessly attacked a Pacifista head-on, employing a brutal biting attack in his Zoan form. Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Jonathan and Drake arriving at Marineford. Drake and his crew attended the Pirates Festival on Delta Island. As the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance waged war in Onigashima, Drake was speaking with Hawkins when Who's-Who approached them. Drake is bold enough to even challenge a subordinate of the Four Emperors, knowing full well that such an action would put him in the crosshairs of the Emperor himself. Official English Name: Official English Name: [36] After Admiral Kizaru arrived on the island, Drake was forced to attack him to save fellow supernovas Basil Hawkins and Urouge in the midst of dealing with him and one of several Pacifistas invading the island. Drake [28], As a former high-ranking Marine officer, Drake has a deep understanding of the workings of the World Government, and is able to use this knowledge to protect himself from danger and predict the movements of the Marines. A possible clue about X-Drake... One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 PlayStation 4 . With his treason exposed, Drake lost his associated authority with the crew. [22][6], It appeared that as a child, he hoped to be a Marine,[21] possibly because of his father's previous affiliation with them. The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda. Romanized Name: Diesu Dorēku He and his men were initially chasing their ship, the Going Merry, until a storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. As crowds of people gathered, Drake commented that all the attention and commotion from Komurasaki's funeral shifted to the execution. The virus spread, affecting both ally and foe alike. [2] His steadfast loyalty to the organization is that he would choose death over confession to the enemies, even if it means enduring torture, and he intends to return to the Marines in full eventually. Indeed, by that point, Drake ran away when the opportunity presented itself, no more displaying any loyalty to his family. Drake was still continuing his chase of the Straw Hats.[3]. Although Drake is a member of Kaido's crew, he's actually a part of the Navy SWORD unit.. RELATED:One Piece: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved Drake is a user of the Ancient Zoan Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus which allows him to transform into the … He wears armor on his relatively thin legs and arms consisting of knee-high boots and gloves that go up past his elbows, respectively. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [37] After Scratchmen Apoo made his surprise attack, he was quickly dispatched by Kizaru, who then took down Drake and Hawkins with little effort. Anime the past of x drake. Doreiku One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is very persistent, as he is always seen chasing the Straw Hat Pirates. Barrels is a large, fair-skinned man with a prominent chin, pointed nose, and small ears. Although he and Luffy are fated… [1], Drake is the son of the Marine-turned-pirate Diez Barrels, and was affiliated with the Barrels Pirates until he defected to the Marines. Affiliations: Hawkins already suspected Drake for releasing Law from captivity at the Flower Capital and joined Who's-Who and Queen in questioning the undercover Marine, citing that there was no other likely candidate for the deed. Drake questioned that if he were to attack Scotch, then he would get the attention of Kaido, in which Scotch replied "yes". Drake(ドレイク Doreiku) is a New World Pirate of great fame and immense power, he is feared as the "White Fang"(白い牙 Shiroi Kiba) through out the world. Close-up of Drake's face before the timeskip. However, it did not take long for Drake to figure things out as he received a newspaper with late-breaking news while traversing Grove 24. [20], As one of the Tobiroppo, Drake is very much mission-oriented, always prioritizing the job assigned to him, although he might think his presence in certain tasks may be overkill, like assassinating the owner of a small noodle shop. [6], At some point in the past, he joined the Marines and became a rear admiral,[9] but to public knowledge, he quit to become a pirate. They also both participated in the rebellion crackdown and Yasuie's execution, both organized by Orochi. Japanese VA: Raised under the harsh training methods of Meka he was raised learning the legendary blade style of Dragon Hunting, said to be one of the strongest sword styles in the world. In fact, he may even intervene in fights where he's not involved at all, doing so in the middle of confrontation between Killer and Urouge in an attempt to pacify both of his fellow Super Rookies. With this confirmed, Drake gladly activated his Devil Fruit and began his attack. Drake's color scheme in the manga after the timeskip. General Franky; Kozuki Clan Crest (Black/White Symbol) Whitebeard’s Flag; Whitebeard/Marco Barrels once stated that despite his strength, Drake was a coward and rarely contributed to his crew's operations. Because of Sanji's transgression against the Kyoshiro Family, Drake was one of two people sent to punish him. All these disturbed Drake as he was wondering if the World Government and the Marines were asking for war. Drake commented that with the conclusion of the war, the Marines must also change.[40]. Being a two-piece toilet, the Toto Drake ii toilet with the Sanagloss finish is a bit challenging to clean. Alias: In the end, he gave into Bullet's taunting, and together with the other Worst Generation members (except for Zoro and Law) attacked the Demon Heir. While working for the Beasts Pirates, Drake was an active enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates throughout the Wano Country Arc. Trafalgar Law once implied that Drake had killed a significant amount of people in his career, reinforcing the notion that the former rear admiral is actually not opposed to conflict at all. [34], After the incident on Minion Island, Drake became a Marine and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. The good news is that this toilet has a 3-inch valve, as opposed to the industry standard of 2-inch valves. He acknowledged that Doflamingo killed his father but did not hold a grudge.[3]. Epithet: When Drake was sent to the capital alongside Page One to deal with Sangoro, Hawkins accompanied him due to having his own target to hunt as well. Drake remained with his father as he continued to see the past good of the man, but his loyalty started to waver. Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus [46], When Shogun Kurozumi Orochi tried to kill Toko after executing Yasuie, Drake and Hawkins witnessed Roronoa Zoro and Sanji saving the girl. bluecreationdefendor-blog. During that time, he was said to be a "brat" by Barrels. Birthday: [18], After the timeskip, Drake no longer has his bicorne, exposing his now light orange hair spiked into a fauxhawk. When Barrels turned to piracy, Drake still thought of his father as a good man and kept following him. As a young man thirteen years ago, he appeared to be the type that is very reluctant to fight as Barrels stated he was "always a no-show" and reluctant to help (at least anyone in his crew) as instead of helping one of the pirates of the crew, he ran away instead (even though he was already stated to have "power" which he could have used to help). Funi English VA: [56] Drake was alarmed when Queen used Excite Bullets against the rebels[57] and unleashed the Ice Oni virus. 00 X(ディエス)・ドレーク He seemingly hated Scratchmen Apoo, a fellow member of the Worst Generation, looking forward to crush him for personal reasons. Though he had no interest in taking part of their feud, Drake followed Who's-Who anyway. For a moment, Usopp was thought to be the special inspector from Marine Headquarters and Drake was threatened by Usopp for his behavior towards him. Devil Fruit Drake came into the bathhouse after hearing about Sanji's presence. He set a trap with Chief Petty Officer to capture Sanji and Monkey D. Luffy but they failed and let them free Zoro and Usopp. I will keep the coins simplified so even people who don’t know One Piece characters can find the coins easily. He participated in the main event, the Treasure Race, safely sailing up the Knock Up Stream and landing on the central Treasure Island, where all the pirates raced for Gol D. Roger's treasure, all the while battling other Worst Generation members. He arrived with Vice Admiral Jonathan. He managed to trick him with his questions and thus deduced that he was one of the Straw Hat Pirates. Drake in the digitally colored manga after the timeskip. Occupations: [3], 13 years ago, he was a member of the Barrels Pirates. Debut: As a young adult, he was called Dory. He assisted in the destruction of Amigasa Village at Wano Country. ↑ One Piece SBS - SBS Tome 79 - Le Calendrier montre que Drake est bien né le 24 Octobre ↑ One Piece Databook - Blue Deep : Characters World - Une deuxième date d'anniversaire est donnée. [1], After the Summit War, he is seen wearing a scarf that is tied around his neck when he appeared on a winter island that was apparently under the protection of Kaido. [2], On the day of the Fire Festival, Drake arrived at Onigashima with the rest of the Tobiroppo. Doflamingo tue le père de x drake [4] In this form, Drake is strong enough to make a Pacifista bleed by biting its head, despite the cyborgs being made of a stronger material than steel. D. C. Douglas [4] His treachery was eventually uncovered, however, leading him to attempt to ally himself with Monkey D. Movie 4;[1] Episode 196[2] Alive Drake's color scheme in the manga before the timeskip. Even when presented with the threat of torture, Drake stated that he would rather die than reveal his true allegiance, only deciding to keep fighting because he still had a mission to accomplish. [23], In his childhood, Drake was a Marine enthusiast and deeply admired his father, Diez Barrels, who served the organization as an officer. (Redirected from X Drake) The protagonists of the One Piece series, from left to right: Brook, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Franky, Nico Robin, Monkey D. Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Jimbei, and Tony Tony Chopper. Underneath this headgear, Drake's hair is reddish brown, with brush-like sideburns. X Drake [20], In SBS Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children. Eiji Takemoto 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $299.00 $ 299 . [55] Zoro, Franky, and Jinbe did not trust him, and Zoro clashed with Drake. Upon seeing Sanji in his Raid Suit, Hawkins and Drake recognized him as Stealth Black. Alive Seems a bit much just for a character that'll only be a boss, right? Despite the fact he was invoking the wrath of Kaido by attacking Scotch and his favorite island,[20] he was able to live through the experience and made a greater name for himself[30] that would eventually led to him being marked as one of the Worst Generation.[31]. Captain of SWORD;[2] Pirate Captain (undercover);[1] Shinuchi (undercover, former);[8][5] Marine Rear Admiral (former)[9] Romanized Name: [21], As a young adult, Drake wore a tattered, bloodied shirt with pants and boots on the snowy Minion Island while with the Barrels Pirates,[22] though later on during a supposed escape, he managed to acquire a somewhat tattered, thick winter coat with a hood as well as a pair of dark gloves.

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