Strategic Brand Development

“We live in a marketing world that is connected by relationships, personal interaction and authenticity. The success of branding has far more to do with making and cultivating genuine connections with an audience or fan base over time than rolling out big splashy campaigns that may give someone 15 seconds of fame, but have no lasting value.”

Panther Marketing


Panther Marketing has been working with clients for more than 20 years, developing brand identities, strategies and campaigns for celebrities, athletes, products and companies. Building the brand is about building relationships. Successful brand management is helping clients master the complicated and constantly changing dance that takes place between “the brand” and its public. We not only understand how to build wildly successful brands, but how to feed them, keep them fresh, relevant and top of mind.

For most clients, branding is all about developing and executing a convergence strategy that leverages both digital and traditional marketing to build the brand. Panther Marketing has extensive experience in both worlds. Convergence can be tricky and costly, especially for clients entering the digital space. Panther has the experience and expertise to help you sort through your options and develop a convergence strategy that will deliver real results.
Let us help you build, leverage, measure and protect your brand through:
• Market Research and Segmentation
• Brand Concept, Strategy, Development and Competitive Positioning
• Visual Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Photography
• Content Creation and Messaging
• Advertising and Promotional Mix
• Digital Presence and Social Media